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By incorporating innovative natural energy harvesting technology with industry grade drones, we empower our partners through access to continuous aerial data collection


We leverage advancements in unexplored sectors of aviation science and apply them to UAV technology to pioneer the transition from short term flight to a reality in which UAVs are capable of endless uninterrupted flight

Meet The Team

Jacques Girard

Senior UAV


With over 48 years experience building and operating aircrafts, Jacques is our primary UAV consultant. Using his knowledge from a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration, he acted as president of the Montreal Area Thermal Soarers club for 6 years. Jacques now applies his skills helping build and test Notos drones.

Alana Shahbazian

Sales and Marketing Coordinator 

Alana holds a bachelor's degree in sociology and history from Mcgill University, With her previous experience in administrative work at a plastic injection molding company, Alana combines her passion for graphic design, photography, and creative writing in order to head all things sales, marketing, and branding at Notos Technologies.

Saran M Toure

Founder and

VP Product 

Saran holds an engineering doctorate in process and products engineering, in addition to a masters of enterprise, engineering design and manufacturing  from Manchester University. With over 10 years experience in composite manufacturing, Saran now uses her experience gained working as process engineer at companies such as Rolls Royce as well as her previous experience running a successful composite manufacturing company to bring Notos Technologies' products to the global market.

Alexandre Borowczyk

Senior Flight Control Software Engineer

Holding a master's degree in aerospace engineering focused on guidance, navigation and controls systems, Alexandre has a proven track record in developing cutting-edge solutions. He has earned multiple wins at the International Aerial Robotics Challenge as well as a position in the 2016 DJI Developer Challenge finals. He strongly believes in the need and the potential of drones for good and is now committed to create technology that rises up to this challenge

Oreoluwa Ajayi

Operations and Procedures Engineer

Currently completing master’s degree in computer engineering specializing in control systems and artificial intelligence, Ore acts as our primary systems safety engineer. He has extensive experience working in the aviation system safety sector, having worked at companies such as Bombardier and Airbus throughout his career. Ore now focuses his efforts ensuring Notos’ designs, practices, and procedures exceed safety maintenance standards.