Notos software will keep your drone right on top of burgeoning wildfires, allowing you to be instantly notified of any changes or development in the direction or intensity of the fires, enabling your crew to instantly adapt to changes, and control the uncontrollable.



Drones using Notos software are able to instantly bypass the logistical difficulties of delivering lifesaving supplies to remote areas. Safely send your supplies further than they have ever gone before, with the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your drone will make it to its destination, no matter where that is.



Drones powered by Notos are able to continuously and seamlessly monitor the full length of your pipeline network, allowing you to mitigate risk without the need for additional infrastructure or maintenance needed.



Notos is able to continuously observe your herd, and instantly notify you of any perceived changes in behaviour that would be a cause for concern, allowing you to focus on your other tasks with the peace of mind in knowing that your livestock is constantly being cared for.

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